Pequea Valley Athletics

    Mission Statement & Program Overview

    Mission Statement
    The Pequea Valley Athletic Department will provide a rewarding experience for all student athletes by:

    * Committing to excellence
    * Displaying good sportsmanship
    * Striving to achieve goals
    * Developing self worth
    * Sharing in the responsibility of the total Pequea Valley Team


    Program Overview
    The Pequea Valley High School maintains varsity teams in baseball, basketball, soccer, football, wrestling, tennis, golf, softball, and cheerleading.

    Eligibility for participating in the athletics program requires a student to have written permission of a parent, pass a physical exam and be under 19 years of age for interscholastic athletics.

    Our district is a member of the Lancaster-Lebanon League and District III.  Since Pequea Valley is a member of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association, we must adhere to the rules and regulations of that organization.

    Pequea Valley School District believes that a sound athletic program is an essential part of the total school setting.  An athletic program must serve the needs of the students and reflect the values of the school community.  Any athletic program exists for social, educational and physical maturation of the students.  The program will be dedicated to the total development of the athlete to achieve life long skills:   promoting loyalty, discipline and commitment to excellence.

Last Modified on July 31, 2019