• BRAVE Choices

    What is "BRAVE Choices"?

                   BRAVE Choices is a program that seeks to recognize ALL students for positive choices they choose to make. Every week teachers can email me names of students they would like to recognize for good choices they noticed the student make and a brief explanation of why that student has been recognized. In addition, you as students can complete a nomination sheet for a peer who has made a positive choice. Students will complete a form that can be found in the office and hand it in to the office or directly give it to me.Please do not just nominate your friends because they are your friends; that is not the point of this program.


                   At the end of each month, we will have a drawing of all the names that have been presented that month and ONE student will win a prize. At the end of the year, all students who have been nominated throughout the year will be placed in a drawing for a grand prize.


                   Students can be nominated multiple times. The more you are nominated, the more chances you have to win BUT the honesty rule applies here.If students are nominating friends only to increase the chance of winning,those students will be excluded from the chance of winning the prize.  All I am asking is that you PLEASE be honest.


    How can I get nominated?

                   Some ideas of positive choices are:

                   ·      helping another student pick up things he/she dropped

                   ·     assisting another student to “calm down” if he/she is starting to escalate

                   ·     showing leadership skills

                   ·     showing respect

                   ·     caring for others

                   ·     teaching someone else cool ways to study

                   ·     helping another student to organize his/her materials

                   ·     standing up for someone who is being mistreatedPositive Choices = THUMBS UP!!

                   ·     helping someone else make a positive choice

                   ·     etc.


    I am looking forward to a wonderful school year and hearing all about the great choices students at PVIS are choosing to make.


    Remember: "If I choose____________, then I've chosen ____________."


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Last Modified on July 3, 2019