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    Why Internships?  To provide purposeful learning opportunities for Pequea Valley Learners, through creating learning environments that inspire each learner to excel to their highest potential.  We believe each learner counts at PVHS and our school district hopes to provide customized learning opportunities which shape each learner's life path while also providing benefit to the community.
    Here are some videos highlighting our Pequea Valley Internship Program:


    How do I sign-up? PV Learners who are eligible for this program must meet with their school counselor to obtain approval after having met all credit requirements. 
    Companies and community resources who are interested in finding out more can contact Jared Erb, the PV Career Readiness Coordinator at jared_erb@pequeavalley.org.
    What are the hour and paperwork requirements?
    Work Study - 150 hours (1Credit) - Learner must complete application, have a site visit, and return hour logs and supervisor feedback form (1 per semester).
    Internship - 75 hours (.5 credit), 150 hours (1 Credit), 300 hours (2 credits) - Learner must complete application, have a site visit from Internship Coordinator, return hour logs, complete weekly reflection, supervisor feedback forms (1 per semester), and complete a digital learning portfolio presentation.
    What is the process?
    1.  Eligible PV learner meets with counselor to get approval for either work study or internship. (Must be Junior or Senior)
    2.  PV learner fills out Work-based Learning application.
    3.  Learner then meets with the Internship Coordinator and establish plan for internship / work study.
    4.  Learner and/or Internship Coordinator make contact with company to establish internship connection.
    5.  Learner and Internship Coordinator has initial meeting with company representatives.
    6.  Learner begins internship or work study.
    7.  Coordinator conducts at least one site visit.
    8.  Learner continues internship or work study experience.
    9.  Learner completes all required paperwork and turns it into the Internship Coordinator at the end of each marking period (hour log and Supervisor feedback form).
    10.  Following the experience, the learner presents their digital portfolio, highlighting their newly acquired learning.

    What is required of employers?

    1. Sign PVIP employer agreement form
    2. Sign learner's PVIP application
    3. Provide internship learning opportunity to learner
    4. Fill out and return Supervisor Feedback Form to PV Internship Coordinator -Jared Erb
    5. Sign and Date Hour logs - (Done least quarterly, but at the discretion of the employer... weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc...)
    Can interns be paid?
    Yes, internships can be paid positions. Questions to consider: Is the company deriving direct benefit from the intern?  Could the intern be replacing an employee? If so, then it is foreseeable that the intern should be paid.  However, there is no minimum or maximum wage for internships and rate of payment is at the discretion of the company.
    What is the difference between the Work Study and Internship Programs?
    A work study can apply to any type of job and does not need to be tied to post-secondary goals or career goals.  Internships should be aligned with learner's post-secondary and/or career goals.  Internships should promote the development of new career-related skills.
    PVIP Application - Due prior to starting internship
    PVIP Liability Waiver Form - Due prior to starting the internship
    PVIP Employer/Supervisor Agreement Form - Due during first week of internship experience
    PVIP Supervisor Progress Monitoring Form - 1 per quarter due prior to end of each marking period
    PVIP Hour Log  - Hour logs must be turned in prior to end of marking periods (1 per marking period during the duration of the internship)
    PVIP Call Log - For documenting phone calls made to establish internship connections
    Work Study Application
    Work Study Supervisor Agreement Form - Due during first week of work experience
    Work Study Supervisor Feedback Form  - Hour logs must be turned in prior to end of marking periods (1 per marking period during the duration of the work study)
    Essential Skills Training
    Additionally, PVIP and Work Study Learners will be required to complete an online work readiness unit before or during the internship / work experience.  PVIP and Work Study learners may also be required to attend work skills related workshops throughout the year.
    More Information

    Pequea Valley School District places a high value on each individual’s choice in learning path.  Starting in elementary and middle school, learners engage in career exploration through developing their own personality profile, learning style, and personal aptitudes.  Pequea Valley learning facilitators and counselors provide many diversified enrichment lessons to increase exposure to different learning opportunities and career pathways to prepare them for the world of work as well as society. They develop an understanding of their natural gifts and areas of interest through career awareness tools, allowing them to access information and experiences that lead them to making wise post-secondary choices.   Our freshman and sophomores are paired with mentor learning facilitators who meet with each learner throughout the year to discuss career exploration progress, setting and reviewing personal goals, and developing their personal electronic portfolio to highlight and showcase their favorite learning experiences, extra-curricular activities, clubs, and accomplishments.


    Pequea Valley junior and senior learners have the opportunity to engage in real world learning experiences by partnering with companies and community resources outside the classroom and in most cases, off of the learning campus.  The power of gaining experience in areas of chosen interest has proven to be extremely motivating to Pequea Valley learners.  Many learners have gone on to pursue careers in their chosen field of internship.  Even while some of our learners have experienced challenging situations, none have reported regretting their experiences because they have been helpful in shaping their career path by observing, learning, and participating in actual career roles in actual career settings – facing real world problems and witnessing real world solutions to those problems – leading to true authentic learning.


    Our goal is to reach and maintain 100% placement of eligible and willing learners into their first choice of internship or work study.    With over 75 local partnerships, and many other potential partnerships in the broader Lancaster and Chester County areas, our program is well on its way to reaching this goal. 


    Here is a list of some of Pequea Valley’s internships both past and present: nursing, social work, hospitality, veterinary & animal care, network & systems management, theater production stage management and technician, Wildlife Management, computer programming, business management, web development, printing, radiology & nuclear medicine, church youth leader, horticulture and floral design, early childhood education, library science, music therapy, pediatric nursing, construction, horse riding therapy, bio-med shadow, dental assistant, electrical engineer, interior design, early childhood, primary, and secondary education, IT procurement and web sales.

    Here is a graphic outlining some of the mass customized learning opportunities available to our PV Learners throughout their high school experience:
    MCL Pathways
    PV Internship Fair 2018