Student Service Team


    Ms. Cathy Koenig

    Director of Student Service & Special Education


    Mrs. MaryEtta Kauffman

    Administrative Assistant for Director of Student Service & Special Education


    Mrs. Deb Weaver

    PIMS/Child Accounting Coordinator


    Mrs. Kati Pusey and Mrs. Emily Ross



    Mrs. Meredith Burnett

    Social Worker


    Mrs. Robin McCracken and Mrs. Patty Shenk

    School Nurses


    Mr. Chris Laudo, Miss Kelly Loder, Miss Kate Fritz,

     Mrs. Rebecca Scheuer, Mr. Jason Davis

    School Counselors


    Kerri Clement, Angie DeBalko, Jess Clemson-Graham & Amanda Lopez

    Salisbury Special Education Team


    Meagan Warfel, Megan McGill, Andrea Kaeppel, Trey March & Stephanie Hunsberger

    Paradise Special Education Team


    Sandy Whiteside, Mike Choi & Todd Andrews

    Pequea Valley Intermediate School Special Education Team


    Stephanie Dorshimer, April Sutherland & Lesley Boyd

    Pequea Valley High School Special Education Team


    Keisha Scovens & Lauren Lefever

    Speech and Language Pathologist


    Bethany Schrum/ Robyn Hunter

    Occupational Therapist/Physical Therapist