• Pequea Valley Early Learning Partners

    Pequea Valley is proud to have many early learning partners in the community. We know that many positive relationships are vital to a learner's successful transition into Kindergarten, and we believe our collaboration with local preschools and organizations will directly benefit our learners' success.

  • Preschool Partners

    Preschools children playing at a station

    We are proud to partner with various child care and preschool opportunities that are located within the Pequea Valley community. Ranging from full day, 5-day a week programs to 2-day a week programs - one of these may be for you! To learn which location is best for your child, email pvbuildingbraves@pequeavalley.org

    Bright Horizons at PV Intermediate School

    Happy Home Day Care

    Head Start at the Together Community Center

    Maple Grove Preschool

    New Life Community Preschool

    PreK Counts at Salisbury Elementary School

    St. John's Preschool

  • Community Partners


    We believe that collaboration between organizations greatly increases the academic success of your child. PV has partnered with various local organizations and agencies to increase the resources available to you and your child before your child begins Kindergarten. Below are a list of our community partners who are supporters of Pequea Valley's Building Braves Program.

    Community Action Partnership

    The Factory Ministries

    Grace Point Church

    The Literacy Council of Lancaster

    Pequea Valley Public Library

    Plant the Seed of Learning

    Prenatal to Third Grade (P3) Partnership Pathways Network

    Together Initiative Network



Last Modified on April 17, 2019