• Pequea Valley Early Learning Program is excited to be partnering with Plant the Seed and Grow the Seed of Learning for the past few years. These programs are designed to encourage parent child interaction while educating parents on child development. A typical session is held in person at our district location and includes presentation of information related to the topic followed by multiple learning stations to be explored by parents with their child. At the end of each session a take home bag is given with materials to encourage caregivers to continue play at home. The programs are separated into two age groups to focus on the specific areas of child development. The sessions are held at different times but siblings can attend sessions together. 

    Plant the Seed of Learning Birth to 2yrs

    Grow the Seed of Learning 2-4yr olds


    For More Information You can visit their website HERE 



    Plant the Seed of Learning has made the decision to do all their programing online for the 20-21 school year. They will be offering both Plant and Grow the Seed sessions November through April. Each session will have an online sign to up and and virtual session resources will be released via email and we will provide families with a take home bag pick up time and location.

    Below is the Sessions and Months pick up Location will be

    Together Community Center: 3292 Lincoln Hwy East  Paradise

    November 4th 10am-11am

    January 6th 10am-11am

    March 3rd 10am-11am

    April 7th 10am-11am   


  • Plant and Grow the Seed of Learning 



    We educate and support parents prior to their child’s entrance to kindergarten about medical and academic milestones. As a collective, we link collaborative efforts among school districts, early learning centers, and local hospital medical professionals in order to support systemic change.


    All students that participate in the Plant the Seed of Learning sessions will be 100% ready for kindergarten.


    We will change the perceptions about education:

    Education Begins at Conception.

    We will provide families with resources that include educational brochures and developmentally appropriate materials that connect to each of our sessions.

    The take-home materials will encourage interaction and bonding between caregivers and their children.

    You can visit their website HERE

Last Modified on October 5, 2020