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    The tax office produces and collects tax revenues and census information for the school district.  School real estate tax bills are produced and mailed the first week of July of each year.  Tax revenue is collected through the Lancaster County Tax Claim Bureau (LCTCB).  Pequea Valley School District does not access any per capita, occupational or local services taxes at this time.  Throughout the year, Interium Tax Bills are issued to those properties with new construction or improvements.  Interims are issued after the LCTCB assigns an assessed value to the property.  Any questions concerning assessements should be directed to the Lancaster County Assssment Office at 717-299-8381.


    All school real estate tax payments are to be mailed to LCTCB in the envelope provided or paid at any Fulton Bank branch.  You may also pay in person at the LCTCB real estate tax office, 1845 William Penn Way, Lancaster, PA.  Please note that school real estate tax payments will no longer be accepted at the Pequea Valley District Office.


    Local tax code:   36530 

    Mortgage Companies & Settlement Agencies:  All tax bill are mailed to homeowner.  Pequea Valley does not mail to companies for escrow.  Please contact the homeowner to obtain tax information.  To obtain a Tax Certification, fax a request along with a copy of a check for $25 for the certification fee to 717-768-7176.
    Tax History

    School Year

    Millage Rate













    For the homeowner with an assessment of $176,179 (median home value in Pequea Valley) the 2017-2018 tax rate equates to a dollar amount of $3,256.51

    $176,179 x .0184841 = $3,256.51

    If you have any questions concerning your bill, please call the Pequea Valley School District – Tax Office at (717) 768-5532 between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm.


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Last Modified on December 13, 2018