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Rules & Fees



Effective January 1, 2013

Organizations that request the use of district facilities are responsible to follow the guidelines and rules listed below in accordance with board policy #3513.

Application Process:

  1. At least 30 days prior to the event, contact the office of the appropriate building to determine availability of dates and times requested.  If the request involves athletic field or gymnasiums, contact the High School.
  2. Complete the current “Request for Use of District Facilities” form that is available on the Pequea Valley website or at any school office.
  3. Attach a copy of the insurance certificate to the application. Certificate must be in the name of the group making the request and provide evidence of liability insurance with $250,000/$500,000 bodily injury and $100,000 property damage.
  4. Submit one copy of the completed form to the High School; do NOT send copies to other district personnel.
  5. If the application is complete and conforms with board policy, the request will be approved, rental charges and/or fees will be assigned and invoiced, and appropriate district personnel will be informed of the event; the requestor will receive written confirmation of the approval.
  6. If the application is not complete or does not comply with board policy, the application will be returned to the person making the request with an explanation and/or request for more information.
  7. No facilities will be granted before the application has been approved.

Rules for Care and Use of Facilities:

  1. Each request must include the name and phone number of the person who will assume full responsibility for the activities. This individual agrees to accept responsibility for building security, care of district facilities, and supervision of students and spectators throughout the event.
  2. A copy of the approved application must be available during all scheduled events. Failure to produce this application will result in immediate removal from the facilities if district personnel do not have the event noted on the master schedule.
  3. Facilities must be left in the condition they were found. Trash is to be put in containers, spills are to be wiped up, floors should be swept if dirt was tracked into the building, and doors shall be locked.
  4. No food or drinks are to be allowed in gymnasiums at any time. If food was served in the cafeteria or other authorized areas, trash bags must be taken to the dumpster.
  5. The district’s “No Smoking” policy must be enforced in all buildings and grounds.
  6. The group will limit all participants to the area(s) requested and approved on the form.
  7. Keys and security codes must only be used by the person assigned. Evidence that keys and/or codes were shared with others may result in immediate termination of the activity.
  8. When stage lighting and/or sound equipment is requested, a district-employed technician must be present.
  9. Participants must honor requests and/or directions given by district custodial staff.

Rules for Scheduling Facilities:

  1. Facilities will not be available before 8:00am or after 10:00pm, on school holidays, or on Sundays before 1:00pm exceptions must be approved by the Board.
  2. No requests will be considered more than one year in advance and will only be approved for a maximum of six months. If continued use is requested, the application must be resubmitted.
  3. Requests may be denied or cancelled in the event that the burden on staff and/or facilities is deemed to be unreasonable.
  4. Previously-approved events may be cancelled or rescheduled if the facility is needed for a school-sponsored activity.
  5. If school is cancelled due to inclement weather or other emergencies, the event will be cancelled.
  6. If the organization cancels the event, the building principal and/or athletic director is to be notified at least 5 days in advance (except for inclement weather). Failure to provide notice may result in a partial assessment of fees.
Rental Charges (effective 01/01/13) Class I Class II Class III Class IV


N/C $125/hr $200/hr $250/hr
Sound/Lighting Technician $35/hr $35/hr $35/hr $35/hr
Gymnasiums - ALL N/C $25/hr $50/hr $100/hr
Cafeteria ALL (No Kitchen) N/C $15/hr $45/hr $90/hr
Kitchens - All Buildings N/C $15/hr $35/hr $75/hr
Kitchen Supervisor $35/hr  $35/hr  $35/hr  $35/hr
Classrooms - All Buildings (No labs, shops, or specialty areas) N/C $15/hr $40/hr $75/hr
Wrestling Room N/C $15/hr $40/hr $75/hr
 Cafeteria Annex N/C  $15/hr  $30/hr  $60/hr
Athletic Fields        
     Stadium N/C $15-25/hr $75/hr $150/hr
     Concession Stand N/C N/C N/A N/A
     Other Fields (No Lining) N/C $25 flat fee $50 flat fee $75 flat fee

     Other Fields with Lining - $300 per field in addition to field charge

    Stadium Lights $20/hr $20/hr $20/hr $20/hr
Groundskeeper $35/hr $35/hr $35/hr $35/hr
Please Note:
Hourly rates will be billed for a minimum of 2 hours.  Rental charges do not include sound/lighting and personnel rates.  Labs, shops, specialty areas are not available for rental.
PIAA Sanctioned playoff contests will be charged at the following rates plus all charges for stadium lighting, security, tickets, custodians, etc.:
  •      Single contest - $200.00
  •      Doubleheader - $400.00
Schedule of Other Fees:
Other direct expenses incurred by the district as a result of School-Related, Community, and Outside Activities will be the responsibility of the renting organization.

Payment of all rental charges and other fees are due no later than one-week prior to the scheduled event. If additional or unforeseen direct expenses are incurred during the event, payment is due within 30 days of receipt of invoice.