• snowflakeInclement Weather

    The decision to close or delay school for inclement weather will be reported on local radio stations, TV, and our Rapid Communication Service by 6:30 a.m.  In order to receive your Blackboard Connect call, please be sure to keep your contact information updated with your child's school.

    Radio and television stations will be advised of these early dismissals. Please refrain from calling the schools during these situations as telephones are needed for emergency calls. Stations carrying school closing information include: FM 90.3, FM 94.5, FM 96.9, FM 103.3, AM 1490, FM 105.1, FM 101.3, and TV channels 27 and 8, and on-line at www.thewgalchannel.com

    Emergency Preparedness

    The safety of your children has always been a primary concern of the Pequea Valley School District.  We know we are entrusted with the well-being of your students.  We keep all but the main door locked in each school, and we hold drills for bus evacuation, fire and building escape, and tornadoes.  We have a two-day supply of food and water.  We have an emergency plan.  With the increase of terrorism in the world, however, we now must add new safety measures and caution.

    We are preparing for a variety of emergency response situations.  We are taking proactive measures to protect the safety of all our students and staff members. In addition, we are coordinating efforts with local emergency management agencies, emergency responders, and county and state safety and mental health officials.  Depending on the nature of an emergency, we would respond according to our plans for potential threats and will follow directions from public safety officials.  We may be ordered to evacuate students, have a lock down, or initiate a shelter-in-place response.

    Parents should know that their access to the school during an incident may be barred for a variety of reasons, such as airborne chemicals or toxins.   If students are to be released to parents, there will be an orderly system to provide for the safety of each child.  In such instances, we will coordinate with the local media to get information to you.  It is important that you remain aware of public notices on WGAL-TV, WIOV radio, television, the Internet, and our website about emergency procedures and updates. In every case, student and staff safety is our first priority. All procedures will be designed for their protection.

    We realize that the safety issues confronting our nation and community are serious. We know that parents, students, and staff will work together to help maintain the focus on teaching and learning in our schools as we address this continuing situation.  Please be assured that we will care for our children as though they were our own.

Last Modified on August 1, 2016