Why Choose Pequea Valley Virtual?

    Here at PVV, each learner counts! Our PVV staff make every effort to personalize and customize learning for our learners.  Families and learners in kindergarten through twelfth grade choose Pequea Valley Virtual for many different reasons, but what they share is a desire for the best possible learning experience.  For elementary, middle, and high school learners, Pequea Valley Virtual provides an excellent alternative to the traditional school environment.


    Full-time learners have access to local PVV staff for help with classwork, scheduling, and time management.  Additionally, online learning facilitators who are available for live tutoring.  In situations of specific need, blended learning is also available in which learners further customize learning experiences through having a mixture of online and regular courses.


    Here in PVV, all learners have complete autonomy in choosing their schedule, place to sit, and to work at their own pace, in the midst of having a high sense of community and accountability through our PVV café and interactions with the PVV staff and other learners.   At PVV, learning is a constant.  Our programs are mastery-based, meaning learners must score at least 80% proficiency on daily lessons before moving onto subsequent topics.  This results in high levels of success.


    At Pequea Valley, we also provide state of the art technology to our learners.  Each learner receives a Macbook and has access to IT Customer service conveniently located immediately next to the PVV café in the media center.  Given permission and access passwords, PVV staff also have the ability to log on remotely to address issues with computers and courseware if any arise in order to keep learners learning.

    Communication is the bedrock of successful online learning.  Through the use of multiple means of communication technology, learners and parents have access to 24/7 communication with PVV staff and online learning facilitators in order to ensure ongoing progress.  They also have the option of attending the PVV café while being dropped off by a parent and/or utilizing transportation provided by the school.  Parents / guardians receive multiple means of daily/weekly communications to keep abreast of their child’s progress and performance.


     jared erb
    Pequea Valley Virtual &
    Blended Learning Coordinator
    717-314-4269 District Cell
    PVV Instructional Assistant
    717-768-5510 x 5518
    PVV Instructional Assistant
    717-768-5510 x5518
    PVV Instructional Assistant
    717-768-5510 x 5518

     PVV partners with LLVS (Lancaster Lebanon Virtual Solutions)
    LLVS Partners with Edison Learning, Accelerate Education, and Apex Learning
     Learning Platforms
    PVV Cafe
    Our PVV Cafe is a flexible learning environment ideally located in the media center of our High School.  We have our own entrance with seperate buzz-in system to the right of the high school main entrance (Labeled 24W).  PVV learners can come in any time during the school day for a quiet place to work, or to receive tutoring on any of their classes.  This face to face learning experience is what sets PVV apart from other cyber schools.