• Administration

    Sheri McGowan, Principal


    We have a positive climate at Salisbury where the students are pledging to be PV Proud!  They are continuing to have respect for themselves, respect for others, and respect for the world around them.

    Respect for the World Around Us: As we sort our recyclables, use only one paper towel, or make sure doors are not propped open when the air conditioning is on, we model our respect for the world around us. 
    Respect for Others: We have many visitors to our school.  We are proud when we consistently hear from our visitors how well behaved our students are, how they smile and greet others, and what good manners they have. We show our respect for others and their feelings.
    Respect for Self: Our staff chooses to focus on the positive and keep students’ best interests at the center. Our students choose to give their best in their academics and their behavior. We show respect for self by giving our best.

    Respect for Self, Respect for Others, Respect for the World Around Us – that makes us PV and Salisbury Proud!    


    Salisbury is also very fortunate to have an active Parent Teacher Committee (PTC) that offers support to children and families.  They also provide an avenue for parent and community involvement.  Monthly meetings are held and all are invited to attend.
    We look forward to partnering with you and look forward to a terrific year!