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    Name: Sara Tomison

    Email Address: sara_tomison@pequeavalley.org
    Phone:(717) 768-5560

    Hello!  I have been teaching since 2004, and there's no place else I'd rather be!  I graduated from Pequea Valley High School, got my undergraduate degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in Early Childhood Education from Millersville University and my master's degree from Wilkes University.
    I am very excited for this school year!  A child's Kindergarten year is a very exciting one for many reasons.  My favorite part about teaching Kindergarten is seeing the amazing amount of growth in each child.  
    Please contact me at any time regarding any questions, comments or other thoughts you may have.  I believe children achieve much more when parents and teachers are a team! 

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Last Modified on August 18, 2016