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Pequea Valley School District serves 1,638 learners. We are the fourth largest district in Lancaster and Lebanon counties providing transportation services for over 81 square miles. Our district is located in rural Lancaster County and is surrounded by beautiful farmland.

Our district includes four instructional buildings; two elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. Pequea Valley employs 125 highly-qualified learning facilitators, 39 MCL support staff, and 13 MCL administrative leaders.
We are committed to a Mass Customized Learning (MCL) environment where each learner counts in their journey towards receiving their post-secondary "First Choice."  For more information on our MCL initiative please refer to the Our District tab.
We have a one-to-one K-12 technology learning environment that has been recognized by Apple, Inc. as receiving Apple Distinguished Program status for the 2015-2017 years.  Since 2012 we have met the Apple Distinguished School status criteria in the areas of Visionary Leadership, Innovative Teaching and Learning, Ongoing Professional Development, Compelling Evidence of Success, and Flexible Learning Environment. For more information on our one-to-one learning environment please refer to our Learner Services tab. 
The district has consistently scored well above the acceptable Pennsylvania Department of Education target of 70 on the Pennsylvania School Performance Profile. We also meet the participation and attendance targets annually set forth by the state.  For specific information on the School Performance Profile please refer to our Annual Progress Report option under the Public Relations tab.

Mission Statement
The Pequea Valley School District will strive to create an "Ideal Learning Environment" that inspires each learner to excel.
"Ideal Learning Experience" - Meeting each learner at his/her (interest/learning) level, challenging them, so that everyone is motivated to return tomorrow.
Vision Statement
Pequea Valley School District, "Where Each Learner Counts."
Belief Statements
1.  Learning occurs when a positive relationship is developed
      with each PV learner.
2.  Learning occurs when the environment is focused around
      autonomy, mastery, and purpose.
3.  Learning will occur in flexible environments.
4.  Learning is a collaborative activity.
5.  Learning occurs when associated with a child's interest,
      strengths, and zone of proximal development.
6.  Learning occurs at different paces and rates.
7.  Learning will allow EACH PV learner to receive their
      Post-Secondary "First Choice.”

Pequea Valley Colors: Red & White

Pequea Valley Mascot: Brave

Alma Mater: All Hail Pequea Valley